How does the league work?

Purchase the Season Pass

A season pass gives you access to the Tech Chase Minor League, an online four week Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  league built for showcasing the best high school talent in the Midwest.

Join the Community

Join the TechChase Discord to check in for the tournament and join the community! 

Cultivate friendships, make rivals, and grab the attention of college scouts and coaches!

Compete as both an Individual and a Team

During the regular season, each entrant plays three sets of matches per week in a Swiss-style league. spanning the course of three weeks. This ensures that you always play someone of your skill level.

Compete to show that you are an elite recruit in your region.

Sign up with four of your friends from your school to be registered as a team and you all will receive a 50% refund on a season pass.

Make the Playoffs

After the conclusion of the regular season, the players with the most points and the two best teams will compete in the playoff bracket for the title!

The winner of the double-elimination playoff bracket, as well as the winners of the team crew battle will receive a trophy to crown themselves as the season champions.

League procedure





 Upcoming sets for current week are published. 

Matches will be played on Saturday from 5-9pm. If you know you have a conflict during that time, you can submit a request to play your set at a different time.






Have a schedule conflict? Submit an appeal to a TO before 7:00 PM EST.






Stream schedule for upcoming Saturday stream is published and matches finalized.

Weird Stage Wednesday - a free tournament where all sets are played on illegal stages - will start at 6pm EST.





Schedule-conflicted sets will play from Thursday 6pm-9pm EST. 





Get ready for the big matches by taking 20% off all coaching lessons scheduled for Friday during the window of 6PM - 9PM EST.





Saturday is the main day of competition! Matches scheduled for Saturday will play from 5PM-9PM EST. 

Set procedure


  • 3 Stock
  • Time Limit: 7 minutes
  • All items are turned off.
  • Stage Hazard Toggle: Off
  • Final Smash Meter: Off
  • Mii Fighters and their respective custom moves are allowed. If they do use custom moves, it will be shown in their name with what number move it is.
  • Similar to previous Smash titles, if time runs out, the winner is first determined by how many stocks remain, and then by the percentage after time is up.
    • If both stock and percentage are the same, or a game ends in both players losing their last stock at the same time, then a tiebreaker is played, which consists of 1 stock and 3 minute match with the same characters and the same stage.

Set Procedure:


  • First stage is decided by Rock Paper Scissors (use the following site: . Winner may choose to either strike a stage first or select a port first. Stages are struck in a P1-P2-P2-P1 order.
  • Following stages decided by winner striking two stages from all stages and then loser choosing.
  • Winning player is not locked into the same character for the next match, but has to pick before loser selects character. 
  • You may not pick the last stage you have previously won on during the set unless mutually agreed to.
  • If a game ends with a self-destruct move, the results screen will determine the winner.

Starter Stages

  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Smashville
  • Town & City

Counterpick Stages

  • Yoshi’s Story (Melee)
  • Kalos Pokemon League
  • Lylat Cruise

How to stage strike

NOTE: While this guide is helpful, the stages listed as examples are incorrect. See above for a correct stage list. In addition, instead of receiving three bans after winning (as this video suggests in its example), players only receive two bans.