Frequently asked questions

What do I need to enter the league?

Every competitor will need access to a Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch, an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, and an active Tech Chase Minor League season pass. A Nintendo Switch Wired LAN Adapter is heavily recommended to ensure a smooth connection.

What does a season pass give me?

  A season pass grants access to the following:

1. Entrance to upcoming Tech Chase Minor League, a four week long league of the best high school smash players in the Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio areas. The first season will begin on May 2nd, with the entrance deadline closing on May 1st at 7:00 PM EST. Every competitor will receive additional instructions via email prior to the start of the competition detailing how to compete.

2. Additional permissions in the Tech Chase Discord that will allow entrants to network with other competitors as well as college scouts and recruiters.

3. A custom graphic detailing individual and team performance in the season. 

4. Performance highlights showcasing your best plays on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Discord).

How does the league function on any given week?

The Tech Chase Minor League is a Swiss-style league spanning the course of four weeks (three weeks of regular play and one final week of playoffs for those who qualify). Every week players will be compete in three rounds of play.


The normal tournament week will look like the following:

Monday:  Upcoming sets for current week are published. 

Matches will be played on Saturday from 5-9pm EST. If you know you have a conflict during that time, you can submit a request to play your set at a different time.

Tuesday:  Have a schedule conflict? Submit an appeal to a TO before Tuesday 7:00 PM EST.

Wednesday: Stream schedule for upcoming Saturday stream is published and matches finalized.

Weird Stage Wednesday - a free tournament where all sets are played on illegal stages - will start at 6pm EST. 

Thursday:  Schedule-conflicted sets will play from Thursday 6pm-9pm EST.  

Friday:  Get ready for the big matches by taking 20% off all coaching lessons scheduled for Friday during the window of 6PM - 9PM EST. 

Saturday:  The main competition on every week. Matches scheduled for Saturday will play from 5PM-9PM EST.  


Please contact for any questions. 

Do I need to have a team to compete?

No, players with less than five schoolmates participating are still eligible to compete in the singles format, but they will be ineligible to qualify for the Team Championship. 

Who can compete?

Current or recently graduated high school and junior college students are eligible to compete in the Tech Chase Minor League Season 1 competition. Any other competitors are forbidden, but may still join the community Discord.

When does the league start?

Sign ups for Season 1 of the Tech Chase Minor League will open on April 21st and conclude on May 1st at 7:00PM EST. The Season will begin on Saturday, May 2nd, with the regular season concluding on May 16th. The Team Championship will take place on May 22nd and the Playoffs will take place on May 23rd.